New website – branding – marketing materials – Let us help you develop a presence that best represents you and ultimately, helps your business succeed.


iS works with your company as you grow. Websites should be updated every few years. If we have built your previous site we can quote a reduced cost site as we build with the future in mind.


Have a site but don’t enjoy dealing with hosting issues? We have cost effective solutions that let you do your business while we take care of your online systems.


iS concentrates on how to best support it’s clients and, ultimately, save money. Good business by us means great business success for you.


Watch here for updates, information and news to help keep your website safe.

Above and Beyond?

The Image Stop prides itself in it's customer care. We regularly go above and beyond the expectations of our clients, doing much more than most design company's. Here is a published list of many things we do and have done for clients.... maybe even you... This list...

Membership – HELP Site… SOON!

We are getting VERY close to launching our new Membership based website that is being made as a valuable assistance and Help resource for our clients. All our current and new clients to come will receive 6 months free membership. This site will contain an assortment...

Courier to Dovecot Maintenance

In preparation for cPanel upgrades, we will be converting all shared servers from Courier IMAP to Dovecot. This is a required change since Courier is no longer supported by cPanel. The conversion process may result in POP/IMAP being down for a few minutes on your...

How to subscribe to specific IMAP folders in Outlook 2010

If you are using IMAP to connect to your email account you may only see your inbox folder and no other folders you may have set up in another mail application or webmail. An IMAP folder list can be downloaded to your Outlook 2010 email client so you can subscribe to...

550 SPAM error message – flagging YOUR email?

Why am I getting this error? To help in the global battle of ever-increasing SPAM, hosting company’s have implemented spam detection procedures on all emails prior to leaving their email servers. Each email is evaluated and rated according to spam rules to determine...

Malware…. Viruses….. Let’s help.

Yikes!! Over the last month or two we have seen a HUGE increase in website hack attempts, website virus and malware infections. This can be not only frustrating for site owners but cause huge problems if their sites are infected / hacked. The question being..... how...

Apple Mail Issues…..

We have very recently been made aware of some issues that may be affecting  some clients using Apple Mail on desktop computers, laptops, tablets or iPhones. A recent update to Apples mail program may have changed some of your email settings which could result in your...

WordPress plugin (Jetpack) Vulnerability

We received the following notice from one of the website security services we subscribe to. We have evaluated and implemented corrective measures to any of our current clients an can assure that all websites under any of our Maintenance Packages have been secured...

System updates

During the week of September 14 - 18, 2015 , we will be updating and upgrading our software and hardware and may not be answering emails as quickly as we usually do. We do not anticipate any issues but delays in some support and services may occur. Thanks a bunch for...

Hosting Servers Delay….

UPDATE: September 8, 2015 - 1:01pm -   All issues have been fixed and all access to websites should now be available without delays.   Due to some unexpected server issues, several clients may be experiencing either delays in accessing their websites or server...


greg T

greg T

Lead Designer | Department Manager | Coordinator

greg has been a designer since before his schooling began. He could often be found spending hours drawing and designing while in his grandmothers care. Years later his passion for design blossomed and expanded in the direction of marketing and advertising. He realized early in his experiences that it was not ‘selling out’ to understand design that was appealing to the masses but simply good business. This thought process translated into into several awards and scholarships that he received throughout his education.

greg now operates on the philosophy that great design is not only appealing but sells. It is something that draws the viewer into it and then rewards the viewer with an opportunity to continue on in their interest and desire to be a part of what attracted them by giving them a ‘next step’ to take. Something to continue their journey that began when they first noticed the piece they are looking at. Ultimately, good design is an experience and journey rather  than simply a one time appeal.

That is what makes great sites, brands and advertising campaigns – something that causes the viewer (client) to pay attention and then impels them to want to continue in the experience. greg is pleased to bring this to each and every one of his clients.

Tanya Heschl

Tanya Heschl

Office Manager | Better Half

Tanya has 20+ years of office management, systems analysis, and administrative experience under her belt. The Image Stop is dedicated to helping our clients and by bringing Tanya onto the team, we hope to increase that service to you, our clients.

Tanya is a valuable addition to the iS team. Her energy and service focussed approach fit perfectly with how iS operates.

We are now using an on-line booking calendar to make finding a suitable date and time MUCH easier!

A confirmation email is sent for all booked all meetings once your request has been received. Thank you! 🙂



Quality, custom design on all scales. Small business on a budget? Need/want great support without the stress and worry?
Did we mention our unique hosting services as well? Yes, we do.

Logo / Branding

Logo and branding packages for everyone – starting at $500.
Branding, business cards, flyers, posters…. we know marketing.
You can’t lose.

Site Maintenance

Monthly, quarterly and bi-annual packages available to suit your company needs.
We keep you up and running so that you can concentrate on your business.

Site Maintenance Packages


Why iS ?

We know what we’re talking about, and why…

There are a multitude of graphic and web designers available to the average business owner. Who to use depends upon how much you know to both ask and look for.

The Image Stop ltd. is skilled and educated in Marketing and Advertising. We know how to sell and how to help your business sell itself and what it does. Not just education but proven results.

Contrary to what some believe, this does NOT happen by chance, overnight or simply due to a nice looking logo or webSite. To make your marketing dollar get the most value ask iS. We offer hourly consultation and training to your company to aid in improving your marketing dollar as inexpensively as possible. We help streamline your business to make it optimally profitable.

We have assisted in helping several existing and new companies begin on the right foot and have watched them grow into profitable organizations through one on one discussion and teaching through business classes and at local conventions. Let us help you do the same.

Contact iS

Feel free to contact us anytime – maybe we can come visit you. We like to meet our clients and discuss their Design and Marketing ideas. … and not being a lawfirm we don’t even charge by the hour to just talk 🙂

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Mailing Address: 47 Cedarbrook Close SW Calgary, Alberta T2W 5B8
Business Hours:
8am – 4:30 pm, Monday to Friday (MST)

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