With Our Pro and ProX Hosting...

  • With our Pro and ProX hosting you receive our basic maintenance at no additional charge. Need more? Ask us for a custom package/set-up
  • Daily website backups
  • Regular Plugin Updates as needed
  • Regular Core Updates as needed
  • Regular Theme Updates as needed
  • Daily Website security scanning
  • Not part of our Basic Hosting Plans

Maintenance FAQs

Do we really need site maintenance?

Website maintenance is only needed if you are not able to regularly monitor your website for updates, security breaches, do preventative backups, and analysis. If this is not possible to do in-house, we offer our Maintenance Packages to help secure your site without breaking the bank.

Do you only check for problems once a month?

We are constantly monitoring our Maintenance Package sites for issues, un-authorized access, attacks and/or updates. If a website requires critical updates or maintenance before your scheduled maintenance time, we ensure that your site is safe FIRST. See an issue? Contact us and we’ll assist in finding a solution.  We understand that your business needs to run smoothly.

Shall We Begin?

Ask us about our Hosting & Maintenance Packages

We recently did a comparison of OUR hosting packages side by side with the comparable hosting packages of three other popular website hosting companies.... GO figure... guess who had the best deals?? 🙂

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