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Leaving Great First Impressions.

Web Design

Quality, custom design on all scales. Small business on a budget? Big business needing loads of care. Yes, we do.

Logo / Branding

Logo and branding packages for everyone – starting at $500. You can’t lose.

Why iS?

We know what we’re talking about, and why…

There are a multitude of graphic and web designers available to the average business owner. Who to use depends upon how much you know to both ask and look for.

The Image Stop ltd. is skilled and educated in Marketing and Advertising. We know how to sell and how to help your business sell itself and what it does. Not just education but proven results.

Contrary to what some believe, this does NOT happen by chance, overnight or simply due to a nice looking logo or webSite. To make your marketing dollar get the most value ask iS. We offer hourly consultation and training to your company to aid in improving your marketing dollar as inexpensively as possible. We help streamline your business to make it optimally profitable.

We have assisted in helping several existing and new companies begin on the right foot and have watched them grow into profitable organizations through one on one discussion and teaching through business classes and at local conventions. Let us help you do the same.

‘Branding’ is SO much more than just your logo. Many would have you believe that it’s all about your logo and company shirts…. the truth is that your brand is how others see you. Plain and simple.

That can be influenced and controlled … we know how.

Ask Us About a Branding Audit

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