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The Image Stop ltd. is skilled and educated in Marketing and Advertising. We know how to sell and how to help your business sell what it does. Not just education but proven results.

“The brand designed by greg T of The Image Stop ltd. has become a big part of our company marketing. We have used our “Taste the Tradition” design in most of our company marketing and advertising over the last 10 plus years and have found it represents who we are as a company and very simply illustrates what we provide to our customers. Great tasting breads done like they were when we were all growing up – baked in tradition. This design resonates with our customers and has helped us in our successful growth over the years.”

Louis B

Calgary Italian Bakery

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Our company can sum up our Vision and Mission that we bring to the table every day in 5 words.

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Keeping your website up to date on a regular basis AND backed up. We manage and support WordPress sites to ensure they work. [more…]

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Many webdesign companies say … but how many really KNOW branding. It’s more than you think. Ask us about our Branding Audit Packages.

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You should know what you get with your website. We know marketing, conversion and design. This ultimately amounts to success. [more…]

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Watch here for updates, information and news to help keep your website safe. We also offer some great branding and marketing ideas and advice. Best of all – it’s free. 🙂

Why hosting your own videos is a bad idea….

    Reasons to NOT Host Your Own VideosBy now you've likely heard about and, hopefully, moved your website to being a responsive website. A responsive site is one who's elements adjust and re-arrange depending on the size of the screen it is viewed on. Way back in the...

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Email Set-up Problems?

Email Set-up Problems?

  Having trouble setting up email on your computer, tablet, or phone? It's likely not an issue with your hosting...Moving your website to a new hosting server or switching hosting providers is never an easy task. It involves good timing, careful attention to...

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Website Security – More you can do!

Website Security – More you can do!

  Website security is an ever-changing and advancing part of the website design and hosting industry. But there's more that YOU can do. After all, you can never be too secure. :)At Penguin Hosting/ The Image Stop ltd., we take care of general site security for...

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WordPress Broke My Site!

WordPress Broke My Site!

  Is your Wordpress site down? This may be why.August 2020 - WordPress 5.5 turned off jQuery Migrate, a tool that WordPress has included for many years to help plugins and themes with outdated code still run properly. By turning jQuery Migrate off, many outdated...

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How to work Cron Jobs Dependably

How to work Cron Jobs Dependably

What is a cron job, and how do they work with Penguin Hosting/The Image Stop ltd.A cron job is a server-side task that schedules a job to run at a specific time or repeating interval. Cron jobs exist to help automate repetitive tasks or to schedule a task to run in...

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Website Speed Tests?

Website Speed Tests?

  A Guide to page speed testsNOTE Website speed is a very deep and complex topic, and even though this is a fairly basic guide, it’s still a lengthy one. If you’re looking for something specific, just use the table of contents below to jump to the...

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