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The Image Stop ltd. is skilled and educated in Marketing and Advertising. We know how to sell and how to help your business sell what it does. Not just education but proven results.

“The brand designed by greg T of The Image Stop ltd. has become a big part of our company marketing. We have used our “Taste the Tradition” design in most of our company marketing and advertising over the last 10 plus years and have found it represents who we are as a company and very simply illustrates what we provide to our customers. Great tasting breads done like they were when we were all growing up – baked in tradition. This design resonates with our customers and has helped us in our successful growth over the years.”

Louis B

Calgary Italian Bakery

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Our company can sum up our Vision and Mission that we bring to the table every day in 5 words.

How can we help you?

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Keeping your website up to date on a regular basis AND backed up. We manage and support WordPress sites to ensure they work. [more…]

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Many webdesign companies say … but how many really KNOW branding. It’s more than you think. Ask us about our Branding Audit Packages.

Web Development

You should know what you get with your website. We know marketing, conversion and design. This ultimately amounts to success. [more…]

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Watch here for updates, information and news to help keep your website safe. We also offer some great branding and marketing ideas and advice. Best of all – it’s free. 🙂

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Support TicketsNeed assistance? Please open a new support ticket here. Our Penguin Hosting support staff will contact you with any further questions or a solution within 24 business hours. Please use this Support Ticket system for any inquiries regarding setting up a...

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How to Clear the Divi Cache

How to Clear the Divi Cache

  Many Divi website builder users are not aware that Divi has a built-in cache. Divi will create a static version of all the CSS that the builder generates, and it’s enabled by default. This can speed up your website, especially if you’re on shared hosting and...

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How to integrate MailChimp

How to integrate MailChimp

Step - By - StepIn this tutorial we want to share with you how to integrate your MailChimp account with the Divi Builder - the builder we use with virtually all our website builds. Building an email list is one of the most important things that can grow your business....

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How to point your domain or DNS to our Pro Hosting servers

How to point your domain or DNS to our Pro Hosting servers

A Step-by-step walkthrough for adding your A and CNAME Records within Google Domains to get your new website live. For hosting with The Image Stop ltd. / PenguinHostingOf note: The instructions below are accurate at the time of this posting. Systems, names, etc... may...

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Site email – going to SPAM?

Site email – going to SPAM?

A frequent issue we receive support requests on is that website contact form submissions go to spam folders, and then no one ever sees them, and clients think that business owners are ignoring them. While there’s not a whole lot we can do if your email provider is...

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Branding and business tips to help you establish long term success and fulfillment in your business.