Above and Beyond?

Above and Beyond?

The Image Stop prides itself in it’s customer care. We regularly go above and beyond the expectations of our clients, doing much more than most design company’s.

Here is a published list of many things we do and have done for clients…. maybe even you… This list will be added to as things are added simply as a way of showing how much we truly do care. Thank you for being our client.

More of what we do:

  • Our Youtube channel with video help tutorials (done at no additional cost – soon to be moved to our membership/support site)
  • Maintenance… but you didn’t sign up for it? Yes – when you contact us to make changes within your website we will also ensure your site is updated at the same time. This keeps the odds in your favour for hackers NOT getting in.
  • Our Maintenance clients get even more… yes it says 2 hours of work… we often go over… no extra charge.
  • Stock photos cost. As a service we will use the foundry we subscribe to to get and use Stock photography when needed… usually at no additional charge to clients.
  • Our payment terms do note late fees and suspending your site hosting…. it is rare for us to enforce this. That said, we have done so but we encourage honest communication with clients. We know things happen and are open to working out terms to help.
  • Did You Know? We monitor most new sites for 3-6 months to watch for unauthorized logins? This helps keep you safe. It is part of our paid Maintenance services but we want to be sure you’re safe at the start.
  • Our hosting services were designed to make managing your invoices and help ease the confusion with website hosting and domain registrations/renewals. This way – your site stays active.
  • When issues arise with your hosting and/or email services we sometimes spend hours online and on the phone with Tech Support analyzing and problem solving – even well after hours, just to make sure your site(s) are up and running as they should be. Most of the time – you didn’t even know a problem existed.
  • Every hosting package comes with limitations on space and bandwidth. Even ones that say “unlimited” are not truly unlimited. When we notice a client’s site reaching it’s limits we will often increase them for the remainder of the month at no extra charge. Only when it becomes a re-curing issue do we contact our client to discuss potential hosting price increases for extra bandwidth and space….. again – you wouldn’t even know it happened. (this occurs with 3-5 sites per month on average and is usually due to increased site traffic… which should be a good thing)
  • Logo improvement during development? Yes – we often get lower resolution graphics sent to us when building websites. Rather than leaving them as is we will re-construct the logo so that it appears better on retina displays etc… Not inly that but when there’s a dated logo or design be used we will suggest and offer a modern design solution in order to help you sell better. If we’re already hired and working on your site this is often included.

More being added as it happens….  🙂

Want other info? Send us your suggestion and we'll work on providing a new blog 🙂

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