Maintenance FAQs

We have included a collection of a majority of our frequently asked questions regarding our web design and development services. If the following does not answer your question(s) please feel free to contact us anytime.

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Do we really need site maintenance?
Website maintenance is only needed if you are not able to regularly monitor your website for updates, security breaches, preventative backups and analysis. If this is not possible to do in-house, we offer our Maintenance Packages to help secure your site withing a budget that suits your company.
Why do your Packages vary in price per month?
The variance in price is solely due to the extra work involved. A site that is backed up and updated monthly will have less involved than a site which has been un-supported for a longer time period.
So – do you only check for problems once a month or whatever the Package is?

We are constantly monitoring our Maintenance Package sites for issues, un-authorized access, attacks and/or updates. If a website requires critical updates or maintenance before your scheduled maintenance time, we ensure that your site is safe FIRST.

Can I pay monthly?
Yes. We can arrange monthly payment plans. Please understand that our pricing as it appears on our website does take into consideration a one-time annual payment for each package. Monthly or pay by use plans may differ from published pricing.

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Ask us about our Hosting Packages

We recently did a comparison of OUR hosting packages side by side with the comparable hosting packages of three other popular website hosting companies.... GO figure... guess who had the best deals?? 🙂

Let us know which package suits your needs or contact us to ask us about the best package for your website needs.
Not all sites need the same maintenance... so we don't deliver a one size fits all solution.

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