We are getting VERY close to launching our new Membership based website that is being made as a valuable assistance and Help resource for our clients. All our current and new clients to come will receive 6 months free membership. This site will contain an assortment of help documentation, videos and a new ticket system that is being put in place to help you with any questions and assistance you may need with working on or making changes to your website.


Have a look at our currently Public Youtube Channel…

This Channel will become a members only channel once the site launches. It currently has several videos that may be helpful even now. Videos like these and many more PLUS other documentation will be readily available for use and/or request. This will help make it MUCH easier for our clients to get assistance anytime of the day/week etc….   🙂

Youtube: <https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLS-xXyr35qeP0fCm9elHPv0-gBMAJfw5I>


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Article By: greg T: The Image Stop Ltd.

greg T is a graphics and website designer with a foundation and education in marketing and advertising. He has been sought after and consults for several companies concerning their online presence and strategies. For more information or to consult with greg about your company needs use our Contact page and he will reply to you directly.